Welcome to the Greybook of the Federalist party of CanadaEdit


The Greybook wiki is the online encyclopedia for everything to do with the Federalist party of Canada. It's primary function is the organizing of all the party's resolutions. It will list all the non-binding resolutions, binding resolutions that make up the party's National policy, and the key resolutions which forms the Federalist's National party platform.

Barry Aulis Founder & Acting president April 7, 2010

Greybook PagesEdit

National Institutions Edit

National AssemblyEdit

National CongressEdit

Federal CouncilEdit

National ExecutiveEdit

Federal TribunalEdit

National Resolutions Edit

Draft resolutionsEdit

Non-binding resolutionsEdit

Binding resolutionsEdit

Key resolutions Edit



Constitutions & BylawsEdit

Party constitutionEdit

National BylawsEdit

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